2 & 2 Some New Painted Pieces

   We have been working this week to finish up several new pieces to add to our Collection of Painted Furniture. I am so excited about the beautiful pieces we have to offer you. All designed with attention to quality and detail of a bygone era. We have freshened them up with a look and a finish that is top of the line and focused on hard wearing durability. See a step by step description of our painting process HERE . Now for the introductions! 

    This 8 drawer Mahogany dresser has been painted in a warm, soft Gray with an antiqued finish and dark stained top. The soft curves, Hepplewhite pulls and unusual height (37.5"t) give this piece an air of sophisticated elegance. Sold

Looking for a statement piece in a bedroom or beside your sofa? I think these are my favorite nightstands ever. I will tell you that my plan was to paint them Cream. I know, I know, you are probably saying "if they were Cream I would've bought  them" :). Sometimes a piece just speaks to me and I have to go with my heart over my head, these tables were aching to be Red! Red they are and with an antiqued finish to highlight all of that amazing detail. I love everything about them from the oval insets of the doors to the unique spoon  handles. They are truly one of a kind. Sold


    For all of my lovers of Cream, I have not forgotten you. It doesn't get any more classic than than a curvy French Provincial dresser in soft Cream with a dark stained top. French Provincial comes in varying grades of quality. Some of the highest quality and poorest quality pieces I have seen have been French Provincial pieces. We always go for the high quality and I notice that often the prices on our solid Cherry dressers run about $50-$75 more than their cheaper counterparts made by Bassett  or worse constructed of plastic and pressboard! The moral of the story is that cheaper price does not always equal a better deal. This beauty is solid Cherry and top of the line. You can see this in the construction. I love the adorable individual drawers that run down the center. The piece and finish can be expected to last a lifetime for another lifetime! Offered to you at Sold

     Last but not least are these sweet French Provincial nightstands. Painted in the same Cream as the dresser. They are classic and beautiful! Great hidden storage  behind the doors. Perfect addition to any bedroom or to place by your sofa. Sold


Thanks so much for reading today! You can find more pictures and information on these pieces on our Collection of Painted Furniture page. If you are not seeing the color and finish you are looking for we are happy to customize a piece to your specifications. See all of our available pieces HERE. If you are interested in having look at these or any of the pieces we have available  call/text 256-658-6328 and let us know what time you would like to come by. We have appointments daily and are very flexible with times. Have a great weekend! Chrissie