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Whimsical Bombe Chest Makeover

Whimsical Bombe Chest Makeover

This lovely 2 door chest was painted in General Finishes Driftwood and  dry brushed with a very watered down version of Snow White.

Here is the before picture. Some pieces we never put on the warehouse floor because of the condition. The drawers were nearly impossible to open and the door hardware was missing, so straight to the shop she went.

Mark worked his magic on the drawers, they opened and closed easily once he was finished with them. Then he sanded the entire piece. People often ask how he is able to sand in all the grooves and crevices. Normally he doesn't, I use a scrubbing sponge and mineral spirits to prep these areas. It would be too easy to damage the fine details with a sander.

I had the hardest time choosing a color for this piece.  There were so many options. I think it could have been very elegant in red  or black and of course Antique White seems to always work. I really wanted to do something special and different to this unique piece.

After priming the piece I just looked at it for a couple of days. Anyone who came by the warehouse during that time was solicited for advice and I asked for suggestions on Facebook. Finally I decided to paint it a two toned Aqua with Gold accents. I painted in the chosen color (which is the color I left on the inside) and decided it was just too much for the piece. It needed a more neutral color to let the curvy shape take center stage. I repainted using the General Finishes Driftwood and dry brushing in Snow White to accent the detail.


I just love how it turned out. Doesn't it look like a piece out of a Disney movie? So whimsical and fun!

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