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Buttermilk Yellow Dresser

Buttermilk Yellow is one of my very favorite General Finishes paint colors. It is soft enough to work in neutral settings and carries enough weight to work with bold colors as well. This classic Hepplewhite mahogany dresser started off like this.

This is one of my favorite styles of furniture to paint! We sanded her down to the original wood and primed using 2 coats of BIN Shellac based primer. We never have a problem with the dreaded bleeding when we prep mahogany this way.


The entire piece was glazed using General Finishes Glaze Effects to showcase the detail and give her an antiqued appearance.

One coat of General Finishes Java. Depending on the type of  wood, the stain can have a slightly different hue or be lighter or darker. Applying additional coats will give you the true dark Java color. I love to use one coat and let the natural wood grains show through.

The hardware was refreshed using Rustoleum Oil Rubed Bronze spray paint.

General Finishes paints are durable to medium use with no top coat but we always finish our pieces with 3 coats of durable top coat for added protection and durability. Our go to is General Finishes High Performance in Satin.

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What Makes Our Furniture Different