What Makes Our Furniture Different

At Chrissie's Collection the focus of our business is our painted furniture. Our painting process is labor intensive, it is not the easy way to paint furniture but we believe it is the best way. Our pieces are made to last.  We like to say that we  do not paint furniture, we refinish furniture with paint ! It is our hope that you can see and feel the difference.

Painted furniture by Chrissie's Collection

The first step is to start with quality pieces. We absolutely will not paint anything made of plastic or pressboard. All of the pieces purchased through Chrissie's Collection are 100% wood, quality constructed pieces. You can expect drawers that are made of hardwood, open and close properly and  have dove tailed joints.

Dove tailed drawers

Most of our pieces are completely stripped of existing finishes.  Prepping the pieces in this fashion provides the best foundation for the new finish, eliminates surface flaws and allows for smooth and durable finished product. When we opt for a heavily distressed look (where flaws accentuate the character of the piece), while we ALWAYS sand, we would not completely remove the existing finish.

Sanded furniture

After sanding the new wood needs to be sealed. We prime with 2 coats of oil or shellac based primer. In between each coat we hand sand. The result is a smooth, even base on which to apply the paint.

primed furniture

The next step is to paint. We spray 3 coats of paint, using professional grade spray equipment. In between each coat we hand sand for smoothness and durability.

painted furniture

After applying the paint it is time for the special finishes. Glazing, staining and distressing happen here. We love to add something special to each piece! This can be a very time consuming step.

painted furniture

As a final step we seal each piece with 3 coats of polyurethane or polycrylic. Once again sanding between each coat for smoothness and durability. The result is a unique, one of kind piece that you can enjoy for years to come.

Painted furniture by Chrissie's Collection

Thanks so much for reading! Chrissie