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This week I am going to start a blog series called Favorite Finishes . Every week I plan to share with you one of my favorite products to paint  with. The first product I would like to highlight is General Finishes Milk Paint in Lamp Black.  Before I discovered this paint  I hated to paint with black, now it is one of my favorite finishes.  The Lamp Black is a gorgeous true black and like all General Finishes Milk Paints it levels beautifully whether being sprayed or applied by hand.

 General Finishes Milk Paints are not to be confused with traditional powdered milk paints. It is actually  a 100% acrylic paint. The paint goes on smooth and dries hard. In addition to the supreme adhesion and durability, it sands like a dream. When you sand the General Finishes Milk Paints the paint powders off and the surface becomes super smooth. I like to finish my Lamp Black pieces with Polyurethane but wax would work as well. I hope you will give this fabulous paint a try! I truly believe it is one of the best on the market.

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