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A Dresser for Tucker

Hi, my name is Chrissie and I have a furniture selling problem. I know that I am not alone, there are many of you have this same issue. Unfortunantly, my problem is starting to affect my family. Namely my sweet baby (5 yrs), Tucker.
You see, Tucker and my oldest son Justin (16yrs) share a bedroom. Their room is small and there is only a place for one dresser. Being the youngest, Tucker has always had his things in other parts of the house. His toys are in a cedar chest in the family room, a gift from my mother, so off limits for selling.There is no room for a toy box in his room due his brothers' Bowflex.
Tucker's toy box
For Tucker's dresser I have used buffets, china cabinets, wardrobes and of course dressers. Whatever piece we are using to keep his clothes in is always for sale. Some pieces last longer than others but Tucker is always changing dressers. UNTIL TODAY! That's right, I am breaking the chain. Tucker will have a dresser that is not for sale. Still in the sunroom but not for sale. If you have the same problem I do, here is how you can overcome and actually keep a piece of furniture for good.

Step 1 ~ find a fabulous chest with a cute shape at your favorite auction

Step 2 ~ bring her home and notice that all of the legs have been broken off and glued back on, be sick to your stomach and mad at yourself ( this happens so fast it is all one step)

Step 3 ~ look really forlorn so your dear husband takes pity and repairs the dresser. it still can't be sold but at least it's useable

Step 4 ~ paint in up really cute

Step 5 ~ move it into the house, tell the poor baby he finally has a dresser mommy won't sell ( I know, bless his little heart!!)

Step 6 ~ Live happily ever after with a cute dresser and the satisfaction of being the BEST, BEST, BEST mommy in the whole world 

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