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These small antique servers are such wonderful pieces. I love the versatile size and sweet details. It seems that I always paint them yellow, they are just such happy little pieces! I believe I have found the perfect shade of yellow. A while back I picked up a Martha Stewart paint sample called Cornbread. I LOVED the color but was not crazy about the paint, so I had it color matched ( Home Depot does this for free :) in my favorite Behr Ultra Premium Plus. Perfection in Yellow! I am afraid I have no before pics today ( imagine me hitting myself here).
I added these lovely large glass knobs. Hobby Lobby of course!
I distressed the edges and details and finished with Rustoleum Matte spray. I love this stuff, it dries hard in like 10 seconds.
Love,love,love this sweet fabric.  I painted the interiors with an oops paint I had on hand, it was the perfect shade!
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Turquoise Treasures

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