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 I am on a mission to completely empty my garage by July 4th! I want to give it a thorough cleaning, the kind that will only be possible by totally clearing it out. I love to have a goal and July 4th seemed like a good one. Here are a couple of pieces I worked on last week. The bed has been hanging around for quite a while due to the fact that the rails were broken. I decided to pitch the rails and try and sell the bed without them. I used Behr Ultra Premium Plus in Agave. I painted sparingly and sanded and distressed more for an awesome rustic distressed look.

 Remember my last pair of vanity nightstands? Well it just so happens I had yet another broken drop front vanity. I thought they would compliment the bed perfectly. I painted them a creamy white, distressed and followed up with a heavy glazing. The drawer interiors are the same Agave as the bed and the hardware pulls that color as well.

 I used Rustoleum Matte spray to protect these and it left the finish feeling a bit rougher than I prefer. It did dry totally in like 10 minutes though and is diamond hard. A spray can is only $2.98 and it seems like it will go a long way so I may try it again with a little extra sanding.I am after all on a mission!

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