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Last year when I saw Brooke's dining table transformation over at All Things Thrifty I fell in love! I have always wanted to try a table with multi colored chairs. This table and 4 chairs is another thing that has been hanging out in my garage for quite a while. I really was uninspired by the set but in an effort to clear things  out my garage I started the project.  I had no plan so I thought I would just go creamy distressed. Safe, classic and BORING  beautiful! Here is the before shot~ I'm so proud to have one LOL!
I had a can of cream colored Behr enamel that I picked up off of the mistint shelf.  I don't know what the difference is between paint and enamel. But after coat 6 on the table I decided that I needed to do something different for the chairs. I really like to use spray paint on chairs because I find them very tedious to hand paint. Home Depot has lowered their price on the Rustoleum Painters Touch spray paint to $2.98 so I picked up 4 different colors.
Slate Blue

Dark Walnut

Moss Green

Colonial Red

I lightly distressed the edges on each chair.

I think the set turned out really cute! I might have to keep it at home for a while.

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