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Have you ever wondered how I got into painting furniture? If you have been following this blog for very long, you know that I love to go to auctions. I feel like I normally get really good buys on furniture, sometimes amazing deals. There is a down side to auctions though. Many time there are defects in the pieces you buy that you did not expect. When I first started auctioning, I often bid on pieces that looked good on the stage but once I got them home I would realize they were not up to par. Sometimes that nice looking mahogany on the stage would actually be drippy brown paint or scratched up tops coated with liberal amounts of oil. In an attempt to recoup my investment I would have to refinish or paint my less than fabulous finds. Surprisingly, I found that I loved doing this and I loved the look of the painted furniture. Over the years I have learned to thoroughly preview and inspect all of the furniture prior to the start o an auction. Often I do this a few days before and again on the auction day. I will look over pieces again throughout the auction also. Even with that I still sometimes get a piece that is not what I expected. So was the case with this vanity~
I was a drop front vanity with wing mirrors. When I started to disassemble it to paint I realized all of the mirror frames had been broken and glued in several places. When I took them off they literally started falling apart. Old mirrors are very heavy so I did not feel like I could properly repair the frames. I was resigned to knock it up to lessons learned, cut my losses and pitch the vanity. As I was removing hardware and other parts I thought would be of use in the future I had an idea. I decided to break the vanity in half to make a pair of tables. I didn't take any pics of this process because I wasn't sure it would work. Too bad, it would have been pretty funny to see me jumping on that middle piece and pulling and prying with my hammer. After I was finished they looked like this~

I was able to fix the gap. I sanded, primed and painted with a pretty Periwinkle oops paint. I used rosebud hardware from Hobby Lobby and lined the drawers with French postcard fabric by Micheal Miller. I think the nightstands turned out super cute!


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