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My first custom order! I do not normally accept custom orders, mainly because I just like to do my own thing. One evening I received an email from Maggie, she was in love with my retro chic china cabinet. Unfortunately,  that piece was already sold. I did however have 2 china cabinets waiting for makeovers in the garage and I figured why not? Maggie was so easy to work with, I sent her fabric swatches via email to get an idea of her style and she sent me photos of her space.We decided to go a different direction from the cabinet she originally liked. It was a dream because she pretty much gave me free reign on the design.Here is the before pic of the cabinet Maggie chose

We went with a soft turquoise for the paint color. Agave by Behr, I love Behr paint! The fabric on the back is Dwell Studio. I replaced the wire on he sides with glass and the brass hardware with crystal. The color in the pictures looks grey but it is actually a soft  green, the true color comes out better in the pic Maggie sent me of her kitchen.
I think the cabinet looks gorgeous in her space. Don't you just love that table set? Here are my pics, just imagine the above color, I really hate that  it washed out in my photos!

I had so much fun with this  I decided I would start to take custom orders on pieces that I already have in my inventory. So we will see how that goes, I'm already having second thoughts! Did I mention how I like to do my own thing?
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