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This lovely antique dresser is another one of my auction finds. I love the details on this dresser, they are a bit different from you run of the mill antique dresser. Here is the before picture, in process as always!
The top was in pretty bad condition and there was crazing in several places, which was wonderful for the look I had planned. Natural crazing is a huge bonus to me, look at these close ups~

To achieve a weathered finish I dry brushed my paint on doing what I call skip painting, which is just not covering the entire surface. Then I went over the brushed on paint with a sponge roller. After the paint dried I distressed the edges and used Wipe on Poly to finish. Oh yes and I used some $5 oops paint in my favorite brand, Behr. I like to name my Oops paint so I am calling this "Pale Celery". Do you see the green in the photos? They seem washed out to me, I am not good at photographing pale colors, they always look white in the pics~ grrr!

 Hobby Lobby hardware, the original hardware was missing a pull.

 Castors on the feet~
 I left the drawers original because they were in such great condition and I didn't have any fabric on hand that worked with the color of the dresser.

 I took these inside in a vain attempt to catch the true color~

When I finish pieces with mirrors or glass I always remove them to paint. I highly recommend taking the extra time to do this, the results are much better. Today I had a nice surprise, the mirror was stamped with a date on the back.

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