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I have an on again off again love affair with the color red. It was once my very favorite. I painted my dining room red, had red pillows on all of my sofas, red red red. Then one day I just got tired of it. I still have "shots " of red in my home, it seems to be  an irreplaceable accent color for me. I think red just adds something to a space.  Red pieces display nicely with other pieces in my booth and I was in the mood, so red this piece became!
I painted with some leftover red paint I had in the garage and glazed with Minwax glaze in Onyx. The Minwax glaze is a lot stronger, for lack of a better word, than other glazes. I use it only when I want a heavily glazed finish.
Super cute clock face knobs from Hobby Lobby~
I couldn't decide between polka dots and toile , so I used both!


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