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Please forgive my poor photos, it has been raining cats and dogs so I had to take my pictures inside. I won this antique vanity at an auction a couple of weeks ago. I love these drop front vanities and this one had such a lovely curvy shape. Here is my before picture~

As usual I almost forgot my before picture. I had already taken the vanity apart and was cleaning, notice the toothbrush (great for all of those little crevices). I sanded, primed and painted with some great oops paint. The paint color was very similar to my favorite Hotel Vanilla by Valspar.
Then I distressed the edges with my sanding block.
For even more rustic goodness I glazed with Ralph Lauren " Tobacco", which I found on clearance at Home Depot like everyone else in Blogland.
I still wanted to add a little something more, so I used these wood molding pieces that I found at Lowes to dress her up a bit.
Beautiful crown hardware in soft aqua, from Hobby Lobby of course.

Now for the inside, you know I have a plan for that too.
I painted the drawer interiors with a deep purple, it is called Aubergine. I found this pretty fabric with deep purple, aqua and cream. I love this color combo, it's bold with just enough softness to work with the creamy distressed finish of the vanity.
Oh yes, one more thing, every vanity needs a chair! Me and Tucker (my 5 yr old) searched several thrift stores for the perfect chair. It needed to have curvy legs and an antique charm. We found 2 desks and 2 retro chairs instead, like I needed more stuff in the garage! I considered calling my local bloggy friend Lisa ( check out her blog Artichoke Alley, you'll be glad you did) I think she has a garage full too, maybe a queen anne chair for sale? Then I remembered I had a chair that just might work, when your garage is as full as mine it's easy to forget what you have!
I was scared of this chair because up until now the only things I have recovered are dining seats which are easy, like wrapping presents. The first thing I did was remove the stained pink velvet seat cover, it had about 1 million staples. Step 2, oh yeah take a before picture. I traced the shape of the old cover onto the new fabric, cut and stapled. I was amazed at how easy it was, still far from perfect, but better than expected. Thank goodness for trim, it hides a multitude of mistakes!

And now for more pictures~

I love these wonderful old mirrors~

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