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What a Wonderful Wednesday!

I had something happen to me yesterday that has never happened before. In the morning I received a call from a sweet girl named Amy. She said she was a big fan of my website and loved seeing my transformations. How nice is that? OK, but then she told me she was cleaning house (the kind of cleaning where you purge things) and she wanted to give me her leftover stuff! When my 16yr son employee got home from school we headed right over. I really kind of expected that it might be stuff I would have to bring home and set on my curb, I mean it seemed too good to be true. Contrair Mofrair (our family saying for "on the contrary"), it was great stuff! Look~
 That sweet bookshelf is solid wood with loads of potential~
 This is no cheap gumball machine, it was super heavy. Right now my kids have dibs on this one!
  Plus a nice floor lamp and a school desk.
My handsome son/employee.
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