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I have had these two antique lamp table for years. In my old house I used them as bedside tables. Since moving a few years ago they have been sitting in storage. I am literally falling over stuff in my garage, so I decided to give these tables a makeover and find them a new home. Here are the before pics, I had started sanding with both before I remembered the pic~~

For the first one I stained the top and painted the bottom with my pale blue oops paint. I love the design of the wood on this one.

For the next one I played up the details on the legs. I painted with Valspar "Hotel Vanilla", which is my favorite cream color. Then I distressed the details and glazed with mocha glaze. I think it looks wondeful if I do say so myself!


Glossy White Chest on Chest with a Chalkboard Surprise

Pretty Pink Rocking Chair