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Vintage Mod~ Glossy White Delight Dresser Makeover

Cheesy title huh? I have to say that before I discovered the wonderful world of blogs I would have walked right past this dresser. I mean I probably wouldn't have picked it up off the side of the road, OK I would have. What I mean to say is thanks to all of you girls that have inspired me and taught me to see the potential in so many things! Here is the before pic:

 Whenever I try a new style for the first time, I always make it in a way that I won't mind if I keep it. So I chose to paint this dresser a high gloss white and I will keep it in my sunroom / playroom until she finds a new home. It will be great for storage, which I am constantly short on!

 I love the fun black and white polka dot fabric in the drawers. To line my drawers I use fabric. I cut it to size, starch heavily and iron. Then I just staple it in. I have found this to be the best way for me. It looks nice but can be easily removed in the future.

I kept with the original hardware and just primed and sprayed with a glossy black~

Another look at the before and after~

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Before and After Dresser Makeover