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Snowed In ~ and A Jewlery Box

Wow! I cannot believe that it is snowing again. This time we had 8"! That is a blizzard in my book. The kids have been having a blast playing in the snow for the last two days. My husband spent a good part of the day yesterday building a sled and then giving rides around the neighborhood. He pulled them in his truck, what fun!

I have enjoyed being snowbound for a couple of days. I have had time to clean and organize my garage/work area A.KA. the woman cave.

You are probably looking at this picture thinking "before". This is actually after, which gives you a good idea of how bad the before was. Let's just say it's been a long time coming. Once I started trying to organize I realized how many little projects have accumulated over time. I am bad to push these to the side to get to the big stuff. I am going to try and finish a few of these over the next week or so.Today I painted up this cute little jewelry box that I picked up at the thrift store some time last year.

The jewelry box had felt lined drawers. The felt was in good condition other than it being a bit dusty. I used painter's tape to protect the felt from being painted and pull out all of that lint at the same time.

I used one of the many partially full spray paint cans to spray the box and then glazed with black glaze.

When I pulled off the tape the drawer liners were as good as new!

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