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Well I've been in the garage again. My husband calls the garage my "woman cave", now that's a twist on the expected. I kind of painted this dresser for my mother. When the family was at my house on Christmas Mama spotted this piece in the woman cave. She has been looking for a new dresser and she thought this one would perfect in her bedroom.
The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful mother. She has always stood by me, loved me unconditionally and encouraged me. She is my best friend, we talk every day. It is my mother who introduced me to the wonderful world of junkin'! We truly thought she had lost her mind when she started going to garage sales and collecting antiques. Better sense soon prevailed and I was hooked too.
So, of course whenever we get together  it's  a fun time sharing finds in the woman cave be it hers or mine. The reason I say I "kind of" painted this piece for my mother is that we have an agreement concerning this dresser. If the dresser is not sold by the time she comes back to visit she gets to have it. But don't worry , whether or not she takes the dresser she will likely go home with a truckload of treasures. We always have such a great time going to auctions and estate sales, she probably won't even have room for it! Even so, I want it to be perfect just in case.


I had already decide on painting this piece a neutral color. I had these nice creamy white Oops paint samples. I got my sander out and sanded her down wiped her off, primed and commenced painting. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. I finished the first coat and went inside to cook dinner. Some of you are probably already anticipating what happened next. I mean red stain+ white paint? Remember, I am a colorful girl, I just don't use white paint very often. So, when I returned to the woman cave to my surprise this is what I had.

 So much for perfect!
3 coats later

One million coats later and its' still showing through. I don't think I have enough Oops paint for this! I'm pretty sure at this point that the dresser is cursed, I mean look at the date on the back of this thing!!

     After a trip to Lowes to revamp my paint supply, I finally completed Mama's dresser. Whew!

 I used the original hardware~
 I used a subtle Mocha glaze to accentuate the details~
 Another look at the before and after~

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