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Does anyone out there kind of dread working on china cabinets? I mean they are just soooo much WORK! I happened to have 4 china cabinets waiting for a makeover in my garage, but now it is 3. This cabinet was part of a set I found on Craigslist  back in September. I did my very first blog post on the buffet here. It is hard for me to believe I have been blogging since September! OK back to January, I am really motivated to get my garage cleared out for the upcoming buying season. To me spring is the beginning of my "buying season" because that is when the yard sales start to pick up again~ CAN'T WAIT. This cabinet came to be with a  lot of broken glass, I had already started taking it apart here before I remembered to take a pic. It looks a lot better in the picture than in real life, the finish was pretty bad.

I learned my lesson on mahogany stain with Mama's dresser (which in case you were wondering did sell but not until after Mama decided she didn't need it anyway) so this baby got a good sanding and two coats of Kilz. Then I painted with this wonderful icy blue oops paint I picked up last week at Lowes. I was so pleased with the color. For some reason it was very hard for me to distress this cabinet. I went back and forth on whether to glaze, distress or just leave it. Distressing makes me nervous because once you start it is very hard to turn back , whereas with glaze you can just wipe it off and start over. I really felt distressing was what was called for so I took out my sanding block and started rubbing the edges, then I finished the edges with mahogany Restore a Finish and the rub on poly. I love the finished product, certainly worth all of that hard work!

I really want to bring it in the house and fill her with white pretties, but I must show will power tomorrow it goes to the booth!

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