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One of my favorite things about being and antique dealer is the ability to change things around in my home. A couple of weeks ago I bought several pieces of furniture that I just did not want to part with.

I am absolutely in love with these gorgeous Eastlake chairs. They feel so very Anthropologie chic, don't you think so? Since my website showcases my inventory, I usually incorporate  several "for sale" items  into my home decor.
Another piece that I really fell in love with is this depression era wardrobe pictured at the top of the post. I can always use extra storage space. This piece was purchased  with every intention of keeping it in my home until it sells.

I was planning on moving another wardrobe I have at home into my booth and putting this one in its' place. However, my plans changed when my daughter decided she didn't want to take piano lessons any more. I was disappointed she didn't want to play but excited to be able to get rid of my  piano!
I sold the piano on Craigslist and moved the wardrobe into its' place. I did not expect this change to totally throw off my family room,  but it did. Once I get that "redecorating" ball rolling I just never know where it will stop! Throw in the fact that I was already rearranging for Christmas and you have total chaos. In the end I replaced my kitchen table and chairs from a white partly wicker set that was looking way too "summery" with this set that I plan to paint or possibly just recover the chairs for now.
This is the picture I took or my website in my living room.

Next, I moved my antique opera bench from the kitchen into the family room as a loveseat. I love this piece, my mother {also a junker} had it in her booth and I shamelessly begged for it until she finally gave it to me. I would love to make it over one day and bring out those awesome details.

Here is the picture of the new arrangement in my family room~
 I have noticed that in photos my rooms appear a bit sparse, whereas they don't seem that way in person. Now I understand why magazine photos are often impractically cluttered when you take a close look at the layout of the furniture. Of course, my photography skills certainly need developing!

I want to get two chairs for each side of the wardrobe, I am picturing parsons chairs. I know I am really rambling all over the world about this, but I just have to share another awesome thing that makes this piece work so well for me right now. It has to do with one of my favorite parts about Christmas, wrapping presents.

What does wrapping gifts have to do with an antique wardrobe?

My beautiful antique wardrobe is now my Christmas wrapping station! So much better than having all of those wrapping supplies crowding my closet or stuck in a corner somewhere! That was not the end of all of my redecorating.
I brought in this china cabinet to fill the void on the wall by our Christmas tree. That chair was also moved from the family room.
This is the other side of what our house plans called the "sunroom". As you can see I already had to rearrange my orange chairs to make a sitting area on this side. A few weeks ago the other side looked like this:

I sold the red desk and we put our Christmas tree in the corner.  I moved the chaise lounge to the other side thus having to rearrange my orange chairs. See how quickly my decor changes? Oh yeah, and I hung {all by myself} these red drapes that I found on clearance at Hancock Fabrics.

If you have read this entire disjointed post you deserve a pat on the back! Here are a few more photos, no more words! Merry Christmas!!! {except that}

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