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I won this great Art Deco style vanity at an auction a couple of weeks ago. She has been waiting patiently with a fresh coat of turquoise paint since Saturday for me to finish up on the final touches. It has been  a very busy week at my house this week! So now at 12:40 in the morning I have finally completed this project.

 Here is the before and after~

I originally intended on replacing the hardware, but the knobs had no visible screws. I believe this is an English piece of furniture, maybe that has something to do with the unique construction. At any rate it was solidly constructed and even though I wasn't able to replace the hardware I was still pleased with the piece.

                                                       I love all of the geometric details~

                           Oh what might have been if only I could have replaced that hardware!

Good night! Errr I mean morning~

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