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This is the third time I have redone this table. I tried to be neutral, really I did, but all that plainness was getting to me! It just needed a little something, so I met myself in the middle. I stenciled the same way I did the first time but kept the softer vanilla white and left off the cute saying. I think I have it right this time. I sold my

turquoise chairs

today so I had to  use my dining room chairs for the photos.Here's the recap:



Neutral Vanilla White to showcase that great cast iron base~


 Vanilla White with a fun stencil! Forgive my looming shadow~

So what do you think? Here are some more pics~


Eek! I didn't notice that curtain~


If I was keeping this table I would do a monogram style W in the middle!

The bookshelf has absolutely no reason to be in this post. I always wonder about what it is in the background, so I figured I would take a picture in case you were curious!


$5 Table Makeover

Turquoise Dining Chairs