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Is It Wednesday already? This week is really flying by for me! I have completed my first makeover for the week. I picked up this trunk/coffee table at my local thrift store for $8. Pretty sweet deal, huh? 

Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of sanding involved in this makeover.

This was a great piece of furniture because it had all of the great function of a trunk, but it opens in the front. What more could you ask for? I am a huge fan of trunks as coffee tables, and this is the perfect design for a trunk coffee table.

I knew that I wanted to do something in black. I have recently had several customer requests for black pieces. Basic black is just not very much fun to me and I wanted to add some interest. When I am saw

Kathie's table

  over at A Few Good Pieces, I headed to Home Depot to see about those vinyl backsplash pieces. Unfotunantly, for the amount I would have had to have it would just overprice my makeover. While in Home Depot I picked up a roll of paintable patterned wallpaper. This is another product I had absolutely no experience with. The wallpaper was more cost efficient at less that $14. I have never used wallpaper for anything~zero experience! Let me say, I am in love with this stuff. It went on super easy, the hardest part for me was cutting straight and matching the pattern. I had to redo several pieces!


The first time I didn't even think about pattern matching

Even with all of the redos I had plenty of wallpaper left for a future project and I think the finished product gave me just what I was looking for! The black is hard to photograph but here goes~


Love all that storage!

I think the trunk looks fabulous in my family room, I won't mind if she doesn't sell too quickly!


likes her too!

Please ignore those end tables, their makeover is coming soon! Oh and those unfluffed pillows too, just keeping it real, LOL

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