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Evening Gowns and Wagon Wheels

Happy Monday! I had a great junkin' weekend again and I found a wide variety of things. It would be embarrassing to show my dining right now because it is covered up with stuff.

I found this wonderful 1950's evening gown, this dress weighs a ton! All of those beads are made of glass. Wouldn't it look so pretty hanging in a bedroom?  I imagine it is more likely someone will snatch it up for Halloween. My 12 yr old daughter was going to model the dress for me but after she put it on she wouldn't let me take a picture!

 Here she is in one of the rare instances she allows me to take a picture. The photo below is how most of my pictures with Katie turn out. SILLY GIRL!

My 4 yr old, Tucker, was glad to come to Mommys rescue and happily posed for a few photos!

                                                                    What a ham!

I also found a pair of Oliver Grain Press wheels. I really have no idea what an Oliver Grain Press  is, but the wheels are huge and awesome! I am always excited to run across unique items!

I have several furniture makeovers that I plan to finish up over the next couple of days. I am hoping to have a very productive week.


Not So Basic Black Trunk Makeover

Pretty in Pink Vanity Makeover