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What's in a Name?

    Since I am super new to the world of blogging I have been somewhat stressed over what name I should give to my little blog.It seems that a cute, eye-catching name would probably be in order. I have tried to narrow down just exactly what I plan to blog about. Obviously, since my blog has been named, you can see I did not go with cute and eye-catching. It was just too hard to pin point exactly what I intend to blog about. Here are some of the names I considered:

My finds from last weekend

My living room sofa

  • Finders Keepers- this would have been a good one! I am a treasure hunter. I love to shop estate sales, thrift shops and especially yard sales. My idea of an exciting Saturday evening involves spending hours at an antique auction. I will definitely be blogging about my "finding". Here are some pics of this weekend finds
  • Black and White Delight- I love black and white!!!! Enough said~
  • Junktique Interiors- I love to decorate with junk, antiques, anything with character
  • The Chronic Redecorator- OK here is my weakness, (one of many) I never stop decorating. A room that was perfect to me last month seems sadly lacking today. That color combo that was so wonderful when the wall was painted is now driving me insane. Does anyone understand??
  • The Bejeweled Peacock- because I love COLOR! I am a girly girl, I like shiny beautiful things. Glassware, artwork, jewelry you name it!

  In case you are wondering, I still am not sure where I am going with this blog. I suppose it will be a online diary of sorts. I am a small time antique/junque dealer. My business allows me the freedom to decorate without commitment. I have a genuine appreciation for all styles and love to try unique looks in my home.

Beautiful Front Door~ In the mood for Fall!!