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How to have a brand new dresser for under $30

  • Step 1 ~ notice a piece of furniture on the side of the road
  • Step 2 ~ drive home like a mad woman to get a man with muscles
  • Step 3 ~ beg and plead with said man until he gives in
  • Step 4 ~ take man with truck to treasure site for pick up
  • Step 5 ~ convince man that treasure is not junk
  • Step 6 ~ drive home and immediately start project
  • Step 7 ~ Beautiful new dresser!


 OK, so I left out a few steps between 6 and 7. The dresser had 6 different types of knobs and a laminate top. I considered replacing the top but decided to paint it instead. I have been wanting to try a metallic finish, so I chose Rustoleum Satin Nickel for the top. The body of the dresser was painted with Valspar Baby Blue. I glazed the entire piece with charcoal tinted glaze {Valspar}. I purchased the 4 crystal knobs on the top drawers at Hobby Lobby. They were $5.99 each, but I bought them half price. The other hardware was left over from a dresser I did for my son's room where I replaced the handles. These handles were brass so I sprayed them with the metallic spray paint too. So the only money spent was for paint and $12 in hardware. Even the man with muscles likes the price!

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